News & Events :


To inspire, to guide and to facilitate the students of the college both in academic and other activities, a number of facilities, financial assistances and prizes are given every year from different sources.


Seminars are organized by all the departments on various topics so that the participants get exposure to the outside world. Already the departments of Bengali, Geography and Political Science have organised three national level seminars in the academic year 2013-14.A special academic lecture and a seminar were organised by the departments of English and Bengali respectively in the year 2016-17. This year, the departments of Geography and Education are going to organize two national level seminars in the month of September, 2016. Students' Counselling Desk: Teachers sympathetically endeavour to sort out specific academic and personal problems faced by students.

Students Health Home:

The college has arranged membership of student's health home for the students at the cost of Rs. 10 per head (annual) which provides them specialized treatment.

Seminar Hall:

The college is soon going to build a well-furnished seminar hall with a capacity of 300 and LCD projector facility. Now, seminars and cultural programs are held in a large classroom but the arrangement for a sophisticated seminar hall is already started.


The college canteen serves substantial and nutritious meals at reasonable prices to both students and staff members.

Common Room:

Separate common rooms have been provided to girl and boy students and there are provisions for indoor games. There is a LED Television with cable connection in the common room.

Cycle Shed:

There is a cycle shed in the college campus where students may keep their conveyances.

Photo Copier:

There are four photo copiers or Xerox machines inside the college campus for the benefit of students, teachers and official staff.

Drinking Water Supply:

For supplying purified drinking water a DWP (Mark II) tube well and six aqua guards have been installed. Awater has also been installed.

Book Bank:

"National Service Scheme" (NSS) has set up a book bank for the economically poor but meritorious students. It has more than 1500 books which are distributed under certain rules.

Syllabus / Class Routine / Academic Calendar:

A copy of the teaching schedule and class routine is given to the students at the beginning of each academic session.

Railway Concession:

The students willing to avail of the concession in railway fares will have to apply to the principal of the college for issuance of certificates for the same. As a result they get the benefit of concession in railway fare.

Scholarship / Stipend:

A large number of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students can avail scholarship / stipend from the S.C. and S.T. welfare Dept. by submitting prescribed application forms which are available from the college office. Also, a considerable number of minority students keep contact with the office of the college.

Financial Assistance:

Poor and meritorious students, having regular attendance and good performance in the periodical and annual examinations are provided with financial assistance for students' welfare fund and students' aid fund of the college.


Every member of the college is benefited by the high powered (45KV) generator facility in the college.

Women's Hostel:

There are two women hostels in the campus but till date no application was received from the beneficiaries concerned.


The college has an extra-ordinary central library with a handsome number of text and reference books. It also subscribes various dailies. The library remains open from 11 am to 5 pm on working days. Students have to search their books on the computer. They can also read the books and journals in the reading room. The library houses a Net Resource Centre sponsored by U.G.C. where the students and staff can have free access to the internet. The library and the reading-room are Wi-Fi enabled zones with the facility available to students and staff alike. The college library subscribes news bulletins like Employment News, Karma Kshetra, Karma Sansthan, Pesha Prabesh (Bengali news bulletins containing job related information). The college has recently obtained subscription of the online journal store INFLIBNET. Several important e-journals may be accessed through INFLIBNET from the library or the offices of the Heads of the Departments.

Departmental library:

Each department of the college has its own departmental library which stocks important books to supplement the resources of the central library. These departmental libraries are maintained by the teachers of the departments. Students are allowed to issue and borrow books from the departmental libraries.

College Sports, Games and Gymnasium:

The college has a vast playground of its own. Students enthusiastically participate in annual sports and games. Even at district, university and state level they have given good performances. The football team has been awarded lots of prizes and the students won the championship trophy in the inter-district athletic meet. Besides the college has a stock of sports goods for indoor and outdoor games. There is a gymnasium in the college for the students' use. An annual sports meet is held every year where the boys and girls take part.

Publications and Magazines:

The members of the magazine sub-committee are entrusted with the responsibility of publishing the college magazine "Ayan". A good number of writings are contributed to the magazine by the students as well as teachers. To commemorate the silver jubilee year the Bengali dept. published a yearly magazine which was named "Balaka".

Wall Magazine:

Students of various departments also design their wall magazines. The departmental wall magazines help in the exposure of the students. Besides, volunteers of NSS take initiative in publishing their wall magazine at certain intervals.

Computer Lab:

There are well equipped computer laboratories for the departments of Commerce, Geography, Physics and Computer Science. Practical classes are held regularly under the guidance of departmental teachers. Along with the labs, the departments have computers, two highly sophisticated Xerox machines, LCD projectors, LED TVs and cameras which were purchased with the financial assistance of U.G.C.

Rules to stop ragging:

As per the orders of the Supreme Court UGC has informed certain rules and code of conduct to stop ragging. Till date there have not been any incidents of ragging or sexual harassment in the college since its inception.

Non-formal method of learning:

Apart from taking classes regularly non-formal methods are also adopted by the institution to enrich the students through seminars, cultural competitions, debates etc. The successful students are given prizes for their performances in different fields.

Educational Tour:

Every year educational tours are being organized especially by the geography department. The tour is arranged in consultation with college authority.

Parent - Teacher Meeting:

Parent - teacher meetings are held in order to give a feedback of the overall academic progress of the student to his / her guardian. These meetings also help the institution to receive constructive suggestions from the parents.

Modern Teaching Aids:

The college has introduced modern electronic teaching aid systems like the "Smart Class" and a language lab. The former is employed for audio-visual teaching whereas the latter is used to improve the communicative skills of students and for more effective classroom interaction between student and teachers.

Energy efficient and green campus:

The college has installed its own electric transformer in collaboration with WBSRDCL for proper load distribution. For uninterrupted power supply, the college has a green DG set with 45 KVA capacity.

Safety Measures:

CCTV cameras are installed at important points in the campus. A sufficient number of fire extinguishers are kept in the college premises.

Other Amenities:

The college has a separate canteen for the teaching and non-teaching staffs. The departments are provided with printers. The teachers' room and office is Wi-Fi enabled. Ramps are built at the entrances of the buildings for the benefit of the differently disabled students.