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Vision & Mission

The vision of the college is to promote higher education among the people belonging to socially backward caste-class groups, like people involved in agricultural occupation, daily labourers etc. A large number of these groups represent scheduled castes, tribes, other backward communities and religious minorities. A sizeable portion of them are new entrants to higher education. The college aims at uplifting their socio-economic standard through higher education and by encouraging female education to create awareness and promote empowerment. The college believes in the principle of ignorance to enlightenment.

Mission of the college is to encourage local youths to have an exposure to higher education irrespective of castes, religions, gender and level of economic status, to generate the spirit of harmony, social awareness, social integration, uniformity and responsibility through higher education, to help poor students and students of the backward caste-classes in different ways and to ensure a healthy teacher-student relationship within the institution and character building of students.